Character Creation

Rules for Character Creation


We will be using ONLY the Demon the Fallen books for character creation. PCs start with normal creation points (see DtF Corebook, pgs. 120-165). Feel free to use the Player’s Guide for Merits and Flaws. You will not be allowed to take backgrounds or other items from the Earthbound book, but the other books are free to use.

Houses and Factions

You may start in any House, so long as your House is not played by another player. Any Faction is possible, aside from Ravener.


No Character may start with more than four dots in any Attribute or three dots in any Ability or Background.

Other Items for Consideration (Character Backgrounds)

All characters will be in a mortal host in their early 20s, as the first game will be high school reunion. However, a character may or may not remember or know one is a Fallen, nor must they remember much of anything at all. (Remember, you may only start with the Legacy background at a three at most.)

Characters may either have graduated from college or not, and they may or may not have a job.

Please pick what angel you were (e.g., Angel of blah blah). You may not pick a concept that is already covered in canon, but you are free to choose anything otherwise (e.g., you may not be the Angel of Sunset or Sunrise – in other words, you can’t be the goddamn Morningstar!). Archangels are also off limits, however you may be of whatever religion suitable. Earthbound are, of course, off limits (though you may, with permission, start off serving one, though the ST may not recommend it).

Please also choose whom your angelic boon companion was. A boon companion is a person whom one spends a lot of time with and is very close to. In this case, an angel’s boon companion would be one’s partner, like an other half but not necessarily. In our game, for example, Lucifer’s boon companion was (up until the Age of Wrath) Abdiel, the Morningstar and the Eveningstar, angels of the rising sun and the setting sun respectively. Thus your boon companion would be the angel you served with. Please also note if they joined the rebellion with you, as that might not have been the case.

Please also decide what you were doing during the Age of Wrath (the War in Heaven) and the Time of Atrocities, etc. You do not have to have a solid idea, of course, but realize that the ST may take liberties with what you don’t decide beforehand.

PLEASE NOTE: Any or all of these things may also change with story and you are free to add to your character as you play. If you have any questions, please talk to the ST. :-)

Character Creation

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