Order of the Sun


A Different Kind of Loyalty

Everything is in Interpretation

The Order of the Sun is, on the surface, a network of hunters devoted to fighting monsters and slaying demons. In fact, most of the Order are actually Imbued who strive to rid the world of evil forces. The underlying principle, however, is actually mercy. Most of the Order devote ample time not on just the Hunt, but also serving the communities they occupy. The ideal is that the Hunt is not just about killing monsters, but also saving people.

Indeed, that is what the Order is all about: saving humanity. The Order has been around for centuries (it seems) and it has always focused on this one goal, even more so in modern times. The appearance and increasing collection of Imbued (a rare oddity for sure) only seem to push the Order further, convinced they are that there is something afoot and they have a crucial role to play in whatever apocalypse is coming. Faith is strong in the Order and many cling to some religion or other. Historically, the Order was founded first as a part of the Catholic Inquisition.

Unbeknownst to most of the Order, the most devout of its adherents (ostensibly all Imbued) have been “gifted” by higher powers. As with most Imbued, the more powerful the hunter, the more likely that the hunter will invariably find themselves in life-threatening situations. Some, if not most, die. A few (and we mean a very, very few) have had such a surge of faith in their moment of death that divine powers have taken notice. Rumors have it that stories of miraculous survival are indeed miracles, but also miracles of faith.

The Truth

Exile of Grace

Stories of miraculous survival aside, the truth of the matter is that, in the wake of potent faith at death, divine powers do take notice. However, it is not survival that actually occurs for the Imbued, rather it is a last ditch effort by the Imbued to continue their work… even if they are not there to see it.

At the moment of death, some Imbued call (without realizing it) to Heaven. This has been the case for some members of the Order of the Sun. Their calls are answered but it is not continued life (in a way) that is promised, but a promise for a continuation. The truth is that their calls are answered not by any divine spirit, but by angels. The Imbued offer their body as a host so that the angel may fulfill their dying wish. Grace fills them and they suffer a painless release from their bodies, sent to where no ordinary human soul may go: Heaven.

Of course, very, very, very few know this truth.

Only two hunters have actually struck the bargain with divinity. Jacob Solomon was the first, sacrificing himself to save his brother and to rid the world of an Earthbound. Second was Anna Gershon, who entered into a coma after sending the Tyrant of New York to oblivion as she used her car to smash his host’s body into pieces.

The Order

Members of the Order

Anna Gershon (Head of the Order)

Jacob Solomon

Esau Solomon

Gabrielle Graystone (Pending Recruitment)

Order of the Sun

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