The Party

Player Characters

Noah Kellan Whitehall (Hesediel)

David Graystone (Azazel)

Emily Warren (Abyzou)

Amethyst Calder (Anael)

Seth Davis (Zadkiel)

Timothy Dalton (Mugnakien)

Famous Names

Belphigor (First House/Devil, Leader of the Devils)

Nuriel (First House/Devil, Leader of the Reconcilers)

Nazathor/Nazriel, the Princess of Majestic Liberation (Second House/Scourge, Leader of the Luciferans)

Gipontel (Third House/Malefactor, Leader of the Cryptics)

(No Fourth House/Fiends)

Sabriel (Fifth House/Defiler, Unaligned)

Malakh (Sixth House/Devourer, Unaligned)

Panatei (Sixth House/Devourer, Ravager)

Sauriel the Releaser (Seventh House, Ravager)


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