Fallen Idols

Oct. 25-Nov. 11, 2001 (OOC: 1/14/14)

Riots and Revelations

Oct. 25-29, 2001 (Feast of Saint Simon and Saint Jude)
Lead Us to Salvation

Hesediel searched while dreams were potent. It was to find the parents of his comrade, Abyzou who was Emily. He searched by every means, with powers and with mortals. The trail had led him to South Central LA.

He could not do this alone. Noah does not belong in LA and neither does Emily’s parents.

But the dreams are potent these nights and a few of us dreamt of past lives, of past battles, and even of things we perhaps have not seen before. Are they memories or are they fantasies?

We do not speak of these as Hesediel gathers us to LA. Excuses are made to mortal friends and acquaintances and we all make our way to our comrade. We are on a quest to save those close to one of us and perhaps to find our enemy yet again.

When we arrive in LA, nothing is quite as it appears. The place is a powder keg waiting to explode. Something is not right here and we rush to find Emily’s parents. The trail leads us from South Central LA to East LA and we find ourselves at the steps of the Mission San Gabriel Archangel.

There is potent faith here; it echoes in each of us and some cannot bear to enter the hallowed grounds. Still, Emily’s parents are here and we must save them.

And yet, there are familiar faces in the bustle of people passing by. Jacob is there and he walks into the Mission as if he belongs there. Something is strange in LA and there’s not much time to figure out why.

We search the area, trying to hide ourselves as night begins to settle in. Some of us sneak in, others wait outside. We find Emily’s parents but there seems something strange. They appear like prisoners and yet not. We look for a way to get them out.

The mother is escorted out and we follow, only to find ourselves face to face with Jacob. We demand answers.

Jacob is irritated and then tells us why exactly it was so suspicious. They weren’t prisoners, but under the protection of the Order of the Sun.

We are about to ask more questions when something strange happens…

Oct. 30, 2001 (Devil’s Night) (to Nov. 11, 2001)

An earthquake the size LA has never seen wracks the city. Everyone in the area feels it and it sets off a blaze, both figuratively and literally. People run into the streets and riots break out all over the city.

Humans aren’t the only ones in the streets, though, and we find Fallen (and worse) preying on the shocked and troubled people.

Violence and destruction reach new highs. LA burns for many, many days.

We try to save who we can and we destroy those who would abuse mortals.

On the 11th night, something “miraculous” happens. An angel, the angel, appears like the sun above LA. There is only one angel that appears as the dawn and all who see it know.

The Morningstar lives and he, the First of Us, has shown the world that angels (or at least that which once was) still exist.

People flock to the places of worship and pray.

The fire has started and we feel Faith breathe life again in the stagnation.


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