The Prince of Lies


Fallen Features

  • Rank: First of the Fallen
  • House: Devil/Namaru
  • Apocalyptic Form (Visual Features):
    • Wings: Eagle Wings
    • Lordly Mien: Aura of Divine Authority
    • Armor: Clad in Armor


A peculiarity, Lucifer does not look much different than he always has. He appears as a man in his late 20s or early 30s (if one were to assign an age), tall, with reddish blonde hair that falls slightly below his shoulders (which he normally ties back when he’s “on the street”), fair skin, and vivid indigo blue eyes. He is the epitome of handsome, always moving with grace and physically beautiful. He dresses almost invariably in tailored business suits of dark colors.

And this is just him when he is trying to hide his angelic nature.

In his “angelic” form, Lucifer is glorious to behold. The First of the First, he is wrapped in light and gold, clad in armor with eagle’s wings spread from his back. To look upon him is to look upon the sun.


The Prince of Lies

Lucifer’s story is one all Fallen know. At least, up to a point. Leader of the Rebel Host, he led the Fallen both to the Fall and through the War. Though his rule was at times contested, never was Lucifer NOT the First of the First. Still, one must go back a little.

Lucifer was the first of all Creation, the First Angel and thus the First Seraph. The Morningstar was born into existence as the first of all of God’s creations. It was he that ushered in the world, rising the Sun into the emptiness of Creation. Second, then, was his other half, his boon companion Abdiel, the Eveningstar. As he raised the sun to the heavens, God created her to lower it to sunset so that day and time was made. Soon, the rest of the Host followed and all looked upon Lucifer with awe.

In those days, Lucifer was closest to the Maker and gave out Her command to the rest of the Host as they built creation. Until the Creation of Humanity, the Maker made Herself known through Lucifer. Ostensibly, he was the most favored and the most loved.

But then came the dual instruction to both love Mankind and yet never interfere with them. How can one let someone they love suffer in ignorance?

The rest, of course, is history. Lucifer ended the Great Debate with the decision to rebel and so came the Fall. When war began, Lucifer was the first to fight newly-made Seraph Michael. Lucifer made the Legions. Lucifer organized the Fallen. Lucifer did so many things, it’s almost difficult to list all that he did.

But there is one thing that all Fallen note.

Lucifer did not join them in punishment. Lucifer was not there for the Fallen when they truly needed him.

But where has he been? What has he been up to? He revealed himself in LA and now there is nothing but more questions.

Where has Lucifer been since the Shattering? What are his intentions now?


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