Jacob Solomon (Izrael)

Guiding Hands


Angelic Features

  • Rank: Cherubim
  • House: Second House (Fallen Equivalent: Scourge/Asharu)
  • Apocalyptic Form (Visual Features):
    • Aura of Vitality: Radiates with Life
    • Wings: Owl’s Wings
    • Passes Without Trace


As Jacob, Izrael appears as a man in his late 20’s or early 30’s, blonde hair and blue eyes. He is of a fit build, tall and lean, and dresses in casual clothing. He is rugged-looking and modestly handsome, calloused hands and lines in his face—a man who has seen hard work but has persevered against the odds, strong and capable. He is identical (for the most part) to his mortal host’s twin brother, Esau.

As with other angels, a tiny bit of Izrael’s angelic side peeks through the veil of his mortal shell. His eyes are vividly blue and his skin glows with health. The effect is minimal, though, and only the most keen eyes are aware of the difference. Still, Izrael is quite careful to hide any semblance of his angelic self.

In his true form, Izrael is the picture of health. An aura of life pervades around him, himself aglow, and a set of owl’s wings spread from his back while a gentle warm breeze follows wherever he goes. There is still much restraint in this form, as Izrael is loathe to project any of his true power, lest other, more nefarious, beings discover him.


No one really knows much about Jacob, less still Izrael. Jacob Solomon had been a hunter since he was a young boy along with his twin brother Esau. It was a family business, technically speaking. The boys’ mother had been murdered by monsters in front of their very eyes when they were young and the experience awakened them to the Second Sight. Their father had been a hunter, too, but not in the way the boys would become. No, Jacob and Esau had natural gifts and talents when dealing with monsters. Soon, their father had them running all around the continental USA, searching for “the enemy.”

Their father disappeared when Jacob and Esau were in their early twenties on a hunting mission and Jacob (who had coerced his brother Esau to help him) went out searching for him. This lead them, after a number of years, to a hive of monsters. These weren’t any normal monsters, though; they were a new kind they hadn’t ever dealt with before. These monsters looked and acted like humans, but they were definitely not. They were mortal shells holding demons and they were vicious to behold. Their father had already died by then but that didn’t stop the boys from at least trying to destroy the hive.

The hive, though, was simply a cell of loyal servants to an Earthbound. In a final struggle, Esau meant to sacrifice himself to destroy the Earthbound but Jacob beat him to the punch. Using the divine powers in him, Jacob destroyed the Earthbound’s reliquary and sent it screaming back to Hell… at the cost of his life.

But that’s when things got complicated. As he lay dying, Jacob heard a voice call out to him, soothing and strong. It called itself Izrael and asked if Jacob wished to do one last service to all that was good. Izrael said he was an angel and would, if Jacob was willing, take over his work and continue his fight.

Jacob agreed.

Jacob Solomon (Izrael)

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