Gabrielle Graystone

Sweet Innocence


Supernatural Features

(OOC Information)

  • Type: Hunter
  • Virtue: Mercy
  • Creed: Innocent
  • Edges:
    • O Fool’s Luck
    • OO Ease


A once point of rivalry between her estranged parents, Gabrielle is the picture of innocence (no pun intended) at four years old. Her shoulder-length blonde hair falls in waves and her eyes are the color of the morning sky. Her round face has an open expression about it, her skin pale and freckled. Often cheerful and well-behaved (despite her parents), Gabrielle is as sweet as a child as any and yet as resilient as any war veteran.


The child of bitter enemies usually doesn’t turn out as Gabrielle has. Still, her parents did, at one time, love one another (well, mostly) and Gabrielle was born to David and Tanya Graystone, at a time when neither parent was ready for it. Kids having kids—David and Tanya, high school sweethearts, had Gabrielle when each were 19 years old.

Perhaps it was the stress of having a child so young or the stress of David leaving for the military (to provide for his new family) that started the fighting. Whatever the case, David and Tanya’s marriage quickly dissolved into bitterness and they were divorced soon after David returned from Afghanistan. Gabrielle, in all of this, kept to herself and tried, as much as a little girl can, to keep from hearing her beloved parents fighting.

Soon, Gabrielle was being traded back and forth between each parent. At first her father seemed reticent and rather neglectful. He spent very little time with her and her mother used that as fuel to continue their fights. He was sad and Gabrielle could see it. She just didn’t have the voice (she had always been a quiet child) to comfort her father.

Something happened though and suddenly her father was invigorated with new life, though angry and cynical most of the time. Still, where there had been none, there was life in his eyes again. David began to take notice of his daughter again and, really, that’s all Gabrielle cared about.

Something was different, yes, but Gabrielle didn’t care. Her dad was back and he cared! That was all that mattered.

Things got a little strange after that. At first, it was just little things. The way he talked, the way he would look at things. Her dad acted funny a lot, but not quite like this. The most striking thing was that he cared. He cared a lot. Gabrielle wasn’t used to this. Her father tried to spend more time with her, gave her anything she asked for (which wasn’t a lot), and altogether seemed to just be more interested in her.

Gabrielle liked her dad this way, so she didn’t ask questions. Things were looking up (though her mother seemed more and more angry these days, but that wasn’t really very different than normal).

Then one day her father forgot to pick her up. And then her mother told her to stay with some male friend of hers for a night while she went to some high school reunion. That’s when the bad men showed up. The night her mom went to her reunion, men with strange eyes burst into the house, throwing things around and hurting the people who were watching her. They did strange things and Gabrielle knew something wasn’t right.

They grabbed her and ran, through a door which didn’t lead outside but somewhere it wasn’t supposed to. She saw it then, she saw the bad people for what they really were.

They were monsters.

The monsters said strange things to her, asked her about her dad, and all sorts of other things but Gabrielle wouldn’t talk. So they hid her in a warehouse and Gabrielle was afraid. She was afraid she was going to die. All she wanted was her dad to come, to take her away from the monsters.

There was a noise and the monsters left her there, alone, tied up and scared. She heard strange sounds, like people (or things) struggling. Weird noises.

And then her father came. Her dad had come! But something… something wasn’t right. He looked funny. He looked kind of like the monsters that had taken her… But it was her dad, she knew it was. Wasn’t he?

A lot of strange things happened after that. A nice man named Jacob and his brother Esau took care of her now and then. They were nice people and Jacob looked like an angel. And they were friends with her dad. Esau told her that one day she’d be like him, if she was good and stayed strong. Esau was really nice and he looked after her.

She wonders about her dad, what he is. She dreams of angels and one of them, one who called himself Raphael told her that her father was a bad man. Was that true? She’s still trying to figure it out.

Gabrielle Graystone

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