The year is 2001 and everyone is talking about the building tensions in LA. Still, life continues throughout the world and people go about their businesses. But certain “people” are on the move and all eyes of these “people” are on the City of Angels. But business must be attended and playing life as a “mortal” means keeping up with all those responsibilities. These people, demons having escaped the darkness of hell, go about pretending to be normal as their dreams push them ever forward to remembering their old lives, of what was once so glorious about their existence. At their core, they are all simply fallen idols, fallen angels waiting for… something.

Humanity is as free (and yet as changed) as ever and will the demons remember what they loved so much that they betrayed their Creator?


Fallen Idols is a Demon the Fallen game set (at this beginning) in Normal, Illinois. But these are just beginnings and the world is ripe for the freed beings that once were the shapers of the world.