Balthazar (DESTROYED)

The Tyrant of Chicago's Black Court


Fallen Features

Infernal Rank: Duke (Eminence: OOOOO)
House: Defiler
Court: Chicago’s Black Court
Faction: Luciferan


Balthazar – “Lord Protect the King”

Balthazar had always been a Duke, during the war and afterward. A commander in the Crimson Legion in the War, Balthazar has been roaming the world for longer than most it seems. Astute, charismatic, and influential, Balthazar controls just about all of Chicago and it’s outlying suburbs, with connections (because of it) across the US and the World. Well-known to be a Luciferan, he has many enemies and allies, least of which include his always-loyal servant Rosiel.

Balthazar (DESTROYED)

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