Anna Gershon (Abdiel)

The Sunset Child


Angelic Features

  • Rank: Seraphim
  • House: First House (Fallen Equivalent: Devils/Namaru)
  • Apocalyptic Form (Visual Features):
    • Wings: Eagle Wings
    • Lordly Mien: Aura of Divine Authority
    • Armor: Clad in Armor


In her mortal visage, “Anna” appears as a young woman in her early to mid- twenties. She has dark, dark brown hair, pale skin, and (her most striking feature) indigo blue eyes. She is above average in attractiveness but (other than her eyes) is relatively normal. She dresses in simple yet flattering clothing.

Still, as a Seraph, her mortal visage cannot hide all of her angelic nature. Her eyes are one feature that stands out as abnormal, as well as the perfect symmetry of her features and thus the heightening of her beauty. (Anna had always been attractive; Abdiel simply enforced those features to a point of near perfection.)

In her angelic form, Abdiel’s features change yet again. Her hair becomes black which fades to a deep red at the ends and her eyes become brighter, though still indigo blue. Her wings are a pair of eagle’s wing which extend from her back. She becomes clad in fitted armor of mythic materials and a halo forms as an aura around her body. Looking upon her is like looking upon the sunset, rays of color and light.


Abdiel – “Servant of God”

So is the name of the angel in Paradise Lost who betrays Lucifer. Historical and literary theory state that the “angel” is no angel of mysticism or lore, but the mouthpiece of John Milton. Still, stories start somewhere and, well, we all know the stories of angels are (in the World of Darkness) inspired.

Little is known about Abdiel aside from what some of the Fallen (those who remember) call “The Betrayal.” Indeed, most have forgotten the seraphim’s name and house. The few that remember, remember vaguely of the angel that stood always by Lucifer’s left until her sudden, terrible act that would doom all of the rebel angels. As Lucifer spoke his words of rebellion, Abdiel betrayed him and the rest of his flock to God.

What Abdiel told the Maker, no one knows. Retribution did not occur swiftly, so the Host believed their talk was long. Whatever it was, it damned the rebels and war burst into existence.

As the Second Seraph, it was expected that Abdiel would become First Seraph after the Fall. However, that was not the case and Michael was made First Seraph. Whatever happened, it is unknown to any angel or Fallen. What is known is that Abdiel fought many times alongside Michael during the war. It would seem that she remained loyal to the Maker.

Still, that hardly explains why Abdiel now roams Creation. After eons of silence, angels walk in the form of mortals. Abdiel herself goes by the name Anna Gershon and is leader of the Hunter group, the Order of the Sun, a thinly veiled disguise for the organization that hides what they call the “Loyal Opposition.”

What Abdiel is doing, no one knows. At least, not yet.

Anna Gershon (Abdiel)

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