Fallen Idols

Oct. 24, 2001 (OOC: 12/23/13 and 1/2/14)

Strange Pathways

Oct. 24, 2001

The Spear is the Head of the Key.

It was the only clue we had, a myth and a relic. The weapon of the one who first betrayed the Fallen in the War. It is the key, or so we think.

Well, some of us. We argued for a long time about the relevance, the clues we had gathered. We had little to go on but the writings of a dead seer and the words of an enemy. Still, there had to be some truth in it all. We were brought together for a reason, weren’t we?

Destiny is a strange thing. The War was all about that, in the end. The Destiny of Mankind, the Destiny of the Elohim. Though some of us do not remember much, we do remember what it felt to fight for something.

What are we fighting for now?

Maybe obtaining the Spear will give us an answer. We want to do good, don’t we? So we must find the Spear. Maybe it will point us in the right direction.

Speaking of directions, Mugnakien used his powers to find a path that would lead us to the Spear. The one we only know as Seth (though we all know that is not his real name) invoked visions to ascertain how we would obtain the relic. Dreams of monsters, demons, and angels.

So, we follow the path Mugnakien has found to Chicago, to the Art Institute. It’s too early for it to be open so Hesediel investigates. We’re not sure what he finds, but he calls out to Azazel and we find ourselves in the custody of Anna, badly hurt, and Jacob, bruised. Something is wrong and we flee the city soon after.

We rendezvous at Hesediel—no, Noah’s—home. Hesediel lays atop of the roof, drunk and despondent. Abyzou, Mugnakien, and “Seth” bring Anna inside and Azazel removes the poison from Hesediel. It is not a bad time—it is almost happy—but we are all anxious to hear about what is going on.

Hesediel explains that he had found Balthazar, that Tyrant of Chicago, (along with his cronies) in the midst of beating Anna to death and forcing Jacob to watch. So, he destroyed the assailants. Well, at least their mortal hosts.

Something is definitely afoot. Abyzou tends to Anna’s wounds and we all wait for her to wake. As we wait, we speak to Jacob who is reticent and unable to answer us with what we seek. Hesediel and Azazel debate about what to do and, afraid of brutality, Abyzou, Mugnakien, and “Seth” decide to take matters (delicately) into their own hands.

Gently, they wake the woman hunter. She rises, her wounds completely healed and she seems amazed. Still, we have questions and we ask her about what and why. But she doesn’t really have answers for us, just an idea. Killing her, she says, was what Balthazar had thought would further his goals. Whatever those may be.

Anna is still a mystery and we are no closer to the Spear (we think) than we were at the beginning.

We begin to discuss things when the police and an FBI agent appear outside the farmhouse’s window. This looks bad. Very bad, indeed. Hesediel had shot up the Art Institute of Chicago and Azazel (or David, in mortal terms) had effectively kidnapped his daughter.

Almost all of us flee the scene, except for Anna and Hesediel, who puts on the face of Noah as we are approached by law enforcement. We try to talk our way out of it, but it takes much convincing and, at the sight of David (Azazel), the FBI agent pursues.

There is a struggle and the FBI agent appears more than any mere agent, but something closer to us. Azazel escapes, still, and Hesediel and Anna are left to clean up the mess. Hesediel manages to convince the agent that his intentions are not all bad and, while they are taken into custody, they continue a dialogue.

Eventually, the FBI agent relents. We get his name and we convince him that we are not the enemy. He agrees to meet with us at the high school (back there again we go). We all talk individually with him and, though he thinks us strange, we convince him to help us. We are one more stronger than before.

Still, much has happened in the last week and there is still lives we have to (at least pretend to) attend. One to Chicago, another to Iowa, another to New York, another to stay at home and another to go out and continue the search.

It is only a matter of time now.


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