Fallen Idols

Oct. 20-22, 2001 (OOC: Game 12/21)

Muddled Signs, Muted Dreams

Oct. 20-22, 2001 (Memorials of St. Paul and St. Ursula and Companions)
A brief interlude.

It’s almost restful, this little break as we wait for our enemy to wake from the torpor that we placed her in. Emily watches over the “patient” and the rest of us take some time to ourselves. Noah keeps vigil over those who remain close to him (perhaps more zealously than any other might) and David tries his best to play the part of father to his daughter. Timothy, or rather Mugnakien, delves into his memories, the ones of a time before the Pit. Seth returns to his novel, the angelic part of him disappearing again.

Still, a man, a seer dies.

Jacob, that friend, that strange friend, returns with a gift from that seer, a last will so to speak of dreams that only visionaries can have. Wrapped in white silk and a pearl and ivory rosary, we find the writings of a man who knows he is going to die. Indeed, Hesediel (Noah) goes back and tries to find out how the priest died, the hours until his passing easy to find for one of the Seventh House.

Still, we all pick up the journal and thumb through the pages. Tightly written script goes on for ages and we try our best to discern the truth from the puzzles.

“The Gates of Hell are open yet the Gates of Heaven remain closed. There is no paradise to return to once death takes us, only more suffering. The sun must rise and fall before balance can be restored. The Spear [of Destiny] is only part of the key, for there are many keys, nine in all. The Spear is just the ‘head of the key.’”

We argue for a time about what it all means. Anna returns, relieving Jacob, and sits in on our conversations. Still, we argue.

But we have no time for this and Alexiel is about to wake. Mugnakien secures her chains and we wait (im)patiently for the Fiend to rise from her sleep.

She spits and curses us and, when we ask her questions, she refuses to speak. Torture begins and still she does not budge… until she sets sight on Anna and screams a fury of a thousand hells. Suddenly, she agrees to speak to the nameless one, the one we better know as Seth in mortal terms.

Alexiel works for the great Archduke Abaddon. The Spear is important to him and Alexiel, as the Earthbound’s right hand, wishes to find the Spear for him. That is why she was following all of us; she wanted to find the Spear and the visions all pointed to us finding the Spear. She knows nothing about Heaven or the “keys.”

Resigned to a death for her betrayal of her master, Alexiel waits for death but it does not come and, perhaps with the decaying touch of a Slayer, her bindings are released (crumbled). She pushes through the barrier and leaves into the night.


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