Fallen Idols

Oct. 18, 2001: The Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist (OOC: Game 11/19/2013)

Reunions and Meetings

High School Reunion.

High school was never quite the place for some of you, particularly not for some of you who were marginalized during those growing years. Well, at least the part that remembers such things. Your mortal self. Most of you know better, but there were other reasons to be there. An excuse to be near family, a planned appearance, a chance to see those who did you wrong, a cover for a job you’ve been put on… these and so many other reasons were why you went.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned. A mother died, there was a shoot out, and police ended up appearing. Not one of the best moments of this charade of a life.

You did meet some interesting “people.” Most of them remember Hell. And by Hell, we don’t mean your years in high school.

One of you was arrested and the rest left before any more trouble could come. A strange man accompanied you. He called himself a “Hunter” and told you his name was Jacob Solomon. Whatever that means.

A couple of you decided to get the one who was arrested out of jail. The rest of you rendezvoused at the motel some of you have been staying at. Jacob told you about the Order of the Sun and the Brotherhood of Knives. Something about the Eyes of Sybil and prophecy. Signs and portents. Revelations about the company you keep.

Then a girl, a daughter, went missing. The group of you, one of you being the father, left on a chase. Anger and fury in the ones who had lost loved ones. Hunting, searching, moving. It all led you to the city next door, the slums of a small city overrun with trash. Demons showed up then and you fought with the strength of potent faith.

It took a lot out of you but they fell easily under your strength.

Now we need to see if the girl is alive and what to do with the souls of the damned.


sakurashima sakurashima

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