Fallen Idols

Oct. 18-20, 2001 (OOC: Game 11/26, 12/3, 12/10/2013)

Changing Plans and New Pathways

Oct. 18, 2001 continued.

The battle was won, but some fights were just beginning. A battle of souls, fighting for dominance and banishment of demons. One lost, one won and an enemy took a familiar face.

Still, all was not lost. A host is not so difficult to find if there’s a pull and a villain can be captured. An innocent was rescued, that was the important part. The capture was, well, an added bonus.

A friend took a new form. A child was saved. Answers were plucked from an enemy. A name, Alexiel, identified the one to blame and gave hints to her powers. A new friend gave directions to new possibilities, a mortal with the gift of foresight.

Oct. 19, 2001.


Too late to bother an old seer and too tired from battle, sleep was found (for some, at least). Morning rose and new faces were met. Chicago is the domain of the Tyrant Balthazar, a Devil and Duke of the Fallen. Time it was to make it to a court, not something anyone is particular fond of if one values freedom.

The Court of Chicago is welcoming enough, but it’s not you that they care about. It’s the mortals that have no master but are welcomed as if they were one of them. It’s strange, very strange, and Duke Balthazar seems to have no qualms about continuing his relationships with the Hunters. Indeed, when he calls you to him, Jacob comes as well.

Looking at Hunters, Balthazar tells you, is like looking at Angels. This seems a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? Still, one of you looked at them and it was like looking at a light that filled the whole suite. Is there something true about it all?

There’s no time for that and the seer, Fr. Mark Donnelly appears before you. He is a sullen elder and speaks as if the world were on his shoulders. He tells you about the Eyes of Sibyl, its possible origins and what it does. He also tells you about the Spear of Destiny and the fate surrounding it. Is it that you are important to the Spear or is the Spear important to you? This is what Alexiel is truly after.

There’s a cost though and the cost is life. A holy man must die for the holy spear to be retaken.

Oct. 20, 2001

You await the arrival of Fr. Mark Donnelly’s niece, Anna Gershon. Supposedly she may have more information or something of the sort. A little girl has visions of an angel and things start looking strange. You do a bit of research and find out that Alexiel is a Lady of the Ebon Legion, dark mistress and led Nephilim during the Age of Atrocities. One of you finds her pattern and others find their family members missing.

One of you makes the trip through the other world to find these family members. You fly to California and you find yourself following a trail north of Los Angeles. There’s a lot of activity here but you manage to sniff out the right path. Yet, you find only death at the end, death and pain. Something is wrong.

Still, you manage to draw the “She-Bitch” out with Anna’s help. Her forces are strong and the fight lasts a while. Still, you are powerful in your own right, perhaps more than you even realized and they all fall to your prowess. One of you try to take the soul but it does not work and Alexiel is captured with the dark reflection of healing.

Now, it is merely about waiting until she wakes.


sakurashima sakurashima

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